endless-possibilities-abstract-butterfly-art-by-motivational-artwork-by-omashte“Endless Possibilities” When I created this piece in January I was in the midst of writing a business plan and planning a business. To me this butterfly was an image symbolic of transformation, hope and dreaming about life as an Artist. Six months later I have my first solo show at the Idaho First Bank and then for the 1st Thursday in August we will be celebrating summer with a mini festival at the bank. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my art for the next few months and I am also grateful that my butterflies will be seen live and in person in the lobby. So a picture born from a dream blossoms into a reality designed to be seen.

When I create art I am imagining ideas and losing myself in my creative flow. This piece is one of my favorites because I see so the possibility of so many dreams coming true in it. Layers of color and light and intricate designs and the best part to me is the simple shape of a butterfly. I can recognize what it stands for and I can also appreciate how open to interpretation it is. This picture reminds me of life and living it to the fullest.

If you are interested in seeing “Endless Possibilities” acrylic print in person it is on display at the Idaho First Bank in their lobby. I am thankful to Stephanie Smith, Jamie Sullivan and this amazing local bank for agreeing to display my work in the hopes of benefitting the Women’s and Children’s Alliance Butterfly Fundraiser. http://www.motivationalartwork.com/wca/ Next spring this image will also grace the cover of the Boise Weekly and usher in another season of hope and renewal.


Endless Possibilities Abstract Butterfly Art Prints