“Methow River Valley via Sun Mountain” This gorgeous perch is set high above the Methow River Valley and offers an amazing view of the landscape below.

We used to live in that valley and had a home close to one of the best mountain bike trails in the country. At least 5 days a week I would jump on my bike and ride out into these hills and up and down canyons and creekbeds. 

It was a visual treat every day when I woke up and looked outside. High up in the Cascade Mountains there was beauty all around us in every season of the year. The winter brought heavy snow and brilliant white crystals everywhere. Spring was these lush green and lavendar hillsides and summer brought endless clear rivers to swim in and brilliant sunshine to warm your body and soul. Fall was a spectacular display of leaves and colorful changes.

I was lucky enough to live there and and also to have taken literally thousands of photographs when I was there and now we can enjoy them always no matter where you are.

Many of these photographs have been printed and made their ways into homes and offices across the country. I love knowing that the beauty of nature and the outdoors is being shared and that this art brings joy and light to so many people.

If you are curious about the Methow Valley and want to learn more, reach out to me via email or comment below. I lived in this area for most of my life and have a deep heartfelt connection to these pictures and their stories.

Or if you are looking to bring this magic home with you click on the photo below to order a print.


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