Arrowleaf Balsamroot Garden Art by Omaste Witkowski

What nature delivers to us is never stale. Because what nature creates has eternity in it. ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

“Arrowleaf Balsamroot” Canvas Print is my artistic creation of the day and I invite you to enjoy its bright yellow and orange smiles.

I believe that Joy and Light are intertwined cosmically. These flowers are raising their faces to the light of the sun and inhaling its life giving warmth.

All plants and animals exist through life energy and I feel that we are connected in this way. The joy that these flowers feel with the light of the sun is the same joy we feel in the same light. We are alive and happy under the loving gaze of our creator.

This art was created to bring you joy. Each colorful spot of light will work its way into your soul and brighten it for a moment and the longer you look the more benefit you will receive.

For those of you who want to bask in this feeling every day, bring a print home and place it in a space you can look at often. The sunshine will warm you from the inside out.

Purchase Here: http://ed.gr/bfyyx – Use discount code LGFXRZ for a special surprise!


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