Art Consulting

As an Artist, I work with Clients to find the perfect Art for their interior spaces. I enjoy helping people discover colors and styles that will work for them in their home or business. I have a large portfolio of existing work and I also have experience in creating custom wall art.

Unique Artwork

I create Artwork on my computer with a mix of photography, and colorfully designed patterns. I have been creating unique art in a variety of ways involving cameras, software, filters, layers,  Icons, Illustrations, and Adobe Photoshop since 1996.

Passionate Colors

My passion is working with vivid colors, varied textures and unique compositions. I welcome the opportunity to discover beauty in every subject I come across. I am drawn to the really bright colors and compositions that make you want to look more closely for what might be hidden.


Photoshop isn’t just for image editing, there are many powerful creative tools there as well. I have worked with this program since 1996 and really enjoy it. I can vary the results I achieve and expand the boundaries of my creative process.

Motivational Artwork

In the beginning I used it to mockup Web Designs and to prepare images for the websites I was designing and building. Over the years I got more comfortable with the tools and eventually I started using the software to create Fine Art images.

These images all incorporate Photography in one way or another and mix it with a variety of brushes, layers and other tools to create Digital Mixed Media.

Abstract Flowers

A Yellow Rose Abstract Painting

Floral Digital Composite Artwork. I combine photographs, illustrations and backgrounds into original digital works of art.

Textured Abstracts

Mysterious Beauty

Abstract Art created by fusing multiple layers of color and shape.


Heart Shaped Box

I took some Macro photographs and moved the colors around. Then I reflected them onto themselves.

Large Brushes

Water Enigma

Abstract Digital Composite Artwork created with large brushstroke and heavy paint effects.

Liquid Paint

Liberty Bell Mountain

Combining photographs, illustrations and backgrounds into original digital works of art.

50 Shades Of Grey

A Magical Face In The Water

In this mostly Black and White gallery I am letting the shades of grey wash over me in a muted symphony of undetermined ideas.

It's Hip To Be Square

Third Eye Abstract

These are all square format images (1×1). If you are looking for a square piece, or a pair of squares, then you found the right page 🙂

Windows Into The Wild

Brilliant Butterfly

This series of images started as pictures of an outdoor art project along the MVSTA community trail.

Trade Routz

Flying Fantasies Of Light Abstract Painting

Welcome to the Trade Routz Picture Gallery.

Green Art

Many years ago, I started working in traditional mediums and now work exclusively on my computer. I enjoy this method and think of it as a clean and “green” way to paint without messy supplies and a lot of cleanup. Working on a computer I use a fraction of the resources and can achieve a much more detailed work.

Digital Art Prints

There are also other reasons why I like creating on my computer. Digital art prints are specifically created to be reproduced onto various mediums such as Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Posters and framed artwork. When you purchase a print of a digital painting you will be shipped a print that looks exactly like it did on your computer when you fell in love with it.

Collecting Artwork

Consider the fact that when you purchase a print of a real oil art, you are purchasing a “print” of a “photo of that art”. When you take a photograph of an oil painting to make it digital, you lose details and depth that was visible in the original painting. In the end you still end up with a print of a digital image.

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