Echinacea And Yarrow Garden Art by Omaste Witkowski

Awareness is the first step in healing. ~Dean Ornish 

My art today is named “Echinacea and Yarrow” and it evolved from a photograph into a photopainting. 

Spiritual awareness is painted into the energy in this photograph. Bright Living Coral colored echinacea and pretty pink and white yarrow bring a healing vibe to this garden and into your life. 

These flowers and herbs have been used for centuries in recipes and natural remedies related to healing. Art has also been recognized as a healing remedy for a variety of psychological and emotional challenges. 

My photo/art today is a healing balm meant to be savored by your eyes and imagined into your soul. Colorful medicinal flowers sit on the edge of a healing garden and welcome you to absorb their energy. 

I believe that colors can heal and that energy infuses each color with its own unique vibrational range of healing properties and soothing sounds. 

Can you see/feel/hear them?