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Who Am I?

I am a freelance photographer, graphic artist, and designer. I love Art and I love to create. Shapes and colors fascinate me and my passion and joy are to study all of them endlessly from dawn to dusk. I create Fine Art on my computer and it is available as prints, in a variety of mediums including wall art and merchandise. You will find my artwork in a variety of Private Collections, Art Galleries, print publications and on various websites. Links to my portfolio sites below.

Glass Artwork and Photography

Photographs of colored glass explore the lights, shapes and shades of pure energy. Landscape photographs taken while traveling the back country and through cities and towns across the country and around the world. Various filters and affects add to the mystery and delight.

Graphic Artwork

Abstract, Unique and Spiritual images conveying peace and beauty through color shape and texture. Creating artwork reminds me of other dimensions that exist purely in light, where beauty is accepted wholeheartedly as a matter of fact and bliss is second nature.

Graphic Designs

Positive energy and healing vibrations are intended into every piece of artwork created to be used in a variety of ways and bring illumination, transformation and joy into interior decorations and designs. Manifest a variety of options for your home or office and coordinate colors shapes and ideas.

Medicinal Artwork to me represents finding a healthy connection to our unique individuality our Earth and the ultimate source of all peace, love and joy found in the universe. These multilayered expressions of color and form are a result of combining simple hand drawn shapes with highly processed complex backgrounds. The overall result is a joyous composition of color and light.

Omaste is a fantastic person with an amazing talent to capture feelings and emotions in her wonderful art work. I especially enjoy the James Allen-As a Man Thinketh Series.

Brett Labit

Owner, Liz Global, Inc.

I have been working with Omaste for more than 5 years and find her to be a very reliable and smart business partner. Omaste is very competent in what she is doing, and is always ready to search for the most effective solution. Responsible and understanding, Omaste is a great person to deal with, and I will be happy to work with her anytime.

Helen Polonskaya

Business Development, IT Craft

Omaste is great to work with and has a spectacular eye for detail. She is always organized and communication is a breeze. She pushes the boundaries with her craft and is always looking for her next inspiration.If you are looking for someone that you can get superior quality art from and walk away with a lasting relationship, then owfotografik is the way to go! I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with any step of the process.If you don’t believe me, check out any of owfotografik social channels to get a taste of Omastes unique artist style and creative mind!

Shilla Bish

Designer, Crown Social

Omaste is a very kind person who is able to bring out the best in her subjects. Her computer skills are awesome for creating more interesting photos from the original. I recommend using her to help with your project. She is affordable and easy to work with.

Janice Dickinson

Business Owner

I have been intrigued by Omaste’s work for years. Omaste is a passionate creative; tirelessly exploring the potential of her medium. Omaste’s work is beautiful, inspiring, curious and surprising; Omaste herself, is simply rad.

Susie Woodworth

Interior Designer

Omaste has been a phenomenal photographer to work with. She is talented, competent, and reliable. She generously donated her work to display in the suites at our hotel and has been incredibly professional throughout the process. She has a bright personality, and is an excellent communicator. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Omaste on board as an artist at our hotel. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Kori Burwell

Interior Designer, Twisp River Suites

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